Lotus' signature black and gold livery makes a comeback in a prototype Lotus Evija

We've already seen Lotus unveil the all-new Evija EV hypercar. First launched by the Norwich-based sports car manufacturer back in 2019, Lotus has since demonstrated just how quick it is on the track, as well as show how sleek and stylish it is.

But despite showing off the Evija in various videos and images, Lotus has yet to publicly reveal it in the metal...until recently that is. At this year's Goodwood Speedweek, the Lotus Evija hypercar officially made its official public debut.

Lotus Evija Goodwood image

Instead of having just one Evija present, Lotus decided to bring three examples of the all-new hypercar. One is finished in a stunning 'Solaris Yellow' paint job which gives the Evija a proper hypercar look. But it's the prototypes that actually got more attention thanks to their unique livery.

Longtime Lotus fans will immediately recognize the livery that covers the Evija. Finished in black and gold, the special wrapping harkens back to Lotus' past racing liveries (particularly the John Player Special). Not only that, but the special livery also features a stylized image of the famous West Sussex circuit (aka the Goodwood Circuit).

Lotus Evija Goodwood image

With the Evija on the track, Lotus was able to demonstrate just how agile the hypercar is. For Gavan Karshaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes at Lotus, showing off the Evija at Goodwood is a welcome break after testing the car on their own proving grounds.

“We’re having a great time demonstrating the Evija here at Goodwood. Bringing the cars to an event like this is a welcome break from the hundreds of hours spent on proving grounds, where there’s a huge amount of open space and long straights to test the car’s performance limits. Goodwood is a fast and flowing circuit with numerous undulations on the surface, and so is a fantastic test and demonstration for the Evija as it’s the type of environment where many owners will use the car,” said Karshaw.

Lotus Evija Goodwood image

There's no word if Lotus actually plans on making this livery available to customers. But with the black and gold motif already serving as a signature hue for Lotus, they could at least offer it as a limited extra for those that want it on the Evija.

Heck, if Lotus decides to join EV motorsports, we wouldn't mind seeing them use the iconic black and gold livery on one of their vehicles.