After tabulating the combined sales of the Chamber of Automotime Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors, Inc. (AVID), the Philippine automobile industry has garnered a 38.9% growth in September 2014 as they sold a combined 23,895 units versus September 2013's 16,940 units.

Nothing, it seems, can dampen the Toyota charge as the company sold 9,529 units in September 2014, a staggering 44.4% growth and 39.9% of the market captured. Mitsubishi is sailing smoothly as the company maintains their strong second position in the industry with 4,155 units sold with 30.2% growth and a 17.4% share of the market.

Hyundai is still holding their position in third overall with 2,017 units with 33.8% growth, but Ford is hot on their heels with 2,010 units sold and 63.3% growth. It will be interesting to see how this race for third plays out in the coming months.

Honda sales have begun to surge upward again as the Japanese automaker clocked in 1,361 units sold for 53.8% growth, no doubt a result of their new and expanded model line up. Likewise Isuzu is also on their own growth trend as the diesel authority registered 1,213 units in September for 27.3% growth.

In seventh is Kia with 712 units sold (+41.6%) followed by Suzuki in eighth at 609 units (+63.3%), fast moving Chevrolet in ninth at 565 units (+49.1%) and Nissan in tenth at 516 units sold (-9.9%). Mazda continues their strong form in eleventh with 355 units (+66.7%) with Subaru in twelfth at 304 units (+44.8%). In the heavy duty commercial segment, of note is the growth of Hino in thirteenth overall as the bus and truck company grew by 91.7% after selling 115 units.

In the premium and luxury sector Mercedes-Benz leads the way with 72 units sold (+41.2%), followed by Volkswagen with 71 units, BMW with 60 units (+57.9%), Lexus with 43 units (+19.4%) and Peugeot with 37 units