At the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota launched the GR Yaris, their AWD rally-ready vehicle. Over a year has passed, and numerous markets around the world have already gotten their hands on the hot hatchback, including Thailand and Malaysia.

No surprise then that some aftermarket shops have started offering tuning parts for Toyota's rally-ready hot hatchbacks, including wide-body kits. Heck, Daigo Saito has already dropped a Supra 2JZ engine into one.

Toyota tuner, Tom's Racing has also been tinkering with the popular hot hatch and recently revealed their version of the GR Yaris. Revealed online during this year's Virtual Auto Salon, which replaced the canceled Tokyo Auto Salon, the Tom's GR Yaris looks subtle compared to the mean, green Tom's GR Supra.

Styling-wise, no major changes were made to the body. Instead, the exterior changes include a new front bumper with larger openings to help channel air into the intercooler and what looks like brake ducts. To give the hot hatch an even meaner look, canards and a large splitter were added. At the rear, the bumper now features large vertical vents and a more aggressive diffuser. A new single tip exhaust replaces the traditional twin-tip of the original.

Coming soon: Tom

Completing the exterior makeover are the new rally-style rear wing and side skirts. Tom's also ditched the factory multi-spoke wheels for lightweight Rays G020 forged aluminum units. Hidden behind the new wheels are bigger brakes from Endless. Inside, the door panels have been replaced with carbon fiber, along with lightweight Recaro seats installed.

Though not mentioned, the Tom's GR Yaris appears to be riding on a coil-over suspension as the vehicle appears to have been lowered. The Toyota tuner did not mention if any changes were made to the turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine either. But if the big front intercooler is any sign, it is likely producing more than the original 272 PS.

Coming soon: Tom

Tom's isn't quite finished with the GR Yaris yet. The complete product is expected to debut sometime later this year. With the help of Toyota's factory World Rally Team driver Takamoto Katsuta, the Tom's GR Yaris will surely be a capable machine once complete. Expect parts to be made available to customers as well in the future.

Do you like how the Tom's GR Yaris looks? We do. Hopefully, we get to see a few Tom's kitted GR Yaris around town once the hot hatch makes its local debut this year.