It also has the biggest BMW kidney grille too

BMW already has a wide range of crossovers available from the compact X1 up to the X7. Depending on the model, there are even various body styles available: from the standard boxy crossover body or the sportier coupe crossover. However, it seems the Bavarian automaker will be expanding the lineup even further. BMW will soon be introducing the Concept XM, and it could serve as the brand's new flagship SUV.

Details about the model are still very scarce. For starters, BMW didn't even say when the vehicle will officially debut. But considering they've already released a teaser photo, we expect it to happen soon. As for the photo itself, there's not much to go about it. But we do get a glimpse of the SUV concept's very prominent face.

The grille on the Concept XM might be the largest one on any BMW vehicle yet. Interestingly, these don't appear to carry the vertical slat design. They also look more angular compared to the ones fitted on current BMW models. Lastly, the outline of the grille is illuminated too which gives it a more discerning look.

While the grille got bigger, the headlights, on the other hand, appear to have shrunk. They now consist of tiny lamps with a sharper design. The Concept XM has light strips on each side of the roof. Strangely, the design reminds us of the pigs from the game Angry Birds; we're not alone, right?

Since the vehicle carries the M in its name, it could be the first dedicated M crossover. As for the powertrain, it will likely be an electrified model. BWM did say “performance, electrified” in the description of the teaser post. Reports suggest it could use a twin-turbo V8 paired with a hybrid system, possibly making it the most powerful SUV from BMW.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to find out more about the Concept XM.