Mitsubishi plans to have a fleet of EVs and HEVs in the coming years

Mitsubishi is gearing up for an electrified future as part of its Challenge 2025 strategy. With an emphasis on generating additional growth for its next generation of vehicles, Mitsubishi aims to continuously roll out new products in its growth-driving markets, particularly ASEAN and Oceania.

In these particular markets, Mitsubishi plans to expand segment coverage by releasing new-generation models of its popular nameplates like the Strada, Montero Sport, and the Xpander. In addition, Mitsubishi is also aiming to release what they call “xEV” models which will serve as their new fleet of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

Confirmed: Mitsubishi to launch electric pick-up truck image

Perhaps the BEV that immediately caught our attention is a pick-up truck. That's right, Mitsubishi plans to launch a zero emissions pick-up in the not-so-distant future. No exact details have been revealed just yet although it could mean that it will take several more years before it's actually revealed in the metal. Interestingly, the pick-up will be joined by a two-row electric SUV as well as a two-row HEV. In the future, it will also be joined by the already confirmed Xpander HEV, an Alliance BEV, and an MPV HEV.

The launching of the xEVs by Mitsubishi is part of the company's plan to meet environmental targets by 2030. These include reducing average CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 40%, lessening CO2 emissions from business activities by 50%, as well as phasing out its pure internal combustion engine lineup for an electrified lineup.

Confirmed: Mitsubishi to launch electric pick-up truck image

With Mitsubishi focusing its attention right now on the next-generation Strada, XFC Concept, and the all-new Montero Sport, it might take a while for us to see the automaker's upcoming pick-up truck. The only question now is, will it be called the Strada EV or E-Strada once it's officially revealed?