It was back in 2013 when Honda revealed the third-generation Jazz. It featured an all-new design, as well as an all-new platform. Now, just six years after the (chassis code) GK’s debut, it seems that we will be seeing the next-generation model of Honda’s popular hatchback very soon. Specifically, Honda says that the all-new Jazz will be making its international premiere at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Excited? So are we.

However, details regarding the fourth-generation Jazz are still scarce as of the moment. In their press release, Honda only mentions that the upcoming model will be equipped with its new i-MMD hybrid system. The same hybrid system is currently found on the CR-V Hybrid offered in Europe and is comprised of a dual-motor system. Furthermore, Honda says that the introduction of hybrid technology to smaller cars is an ‘important first step’ to its 2025 electrification goal.

With that in mind, we can be certain that the next-generation Jazz will be offered with a hybrid option. Aside from a hybrid powertrain, expect the Jazz to be offered with a gasoline engine as standard; possibly the same 1.5-liter engine found on current models. However, there may yet be another possibility that the new Jazz will be turbocharged. In a previous report, it was speculated that a turbocharged three-cylinder engine could make its way under its hood. This is considering how Honda has been fitting downsized turbo engines into other models in its current lineup. 

We may not know what the Jazz will look like, but we can expect it to have similar styling cues with the current Honda models to keep it in line with the brand's design language.

The 2020 Honda Jazz will be making its debut at Tokyo Motor Show later this year, and you can expect AutoIndustriya to be there. With that in mind, it is possible that the fourth-generation Jazz will make its local debut a year later at the 2020 Philippine International Motor Show. Yes, it might still be a long wait but one thing is for sure: Honda will be kicking off the next decade with a bang.