The act of throwing stones or any hard objects against a vehicle could soon land individuals in jail along with a hefty fine. Recently, the House of Representatives unanimously approved House Bill 7163 on its third and final reading. This bill seeks to penalize the act of throwing objects of any kind against vehicles that are either moving or stationary.

All 171 members present during the session unanimously gave their approval of House Bill 7163.

Majority Leader Rep. Rodolfo Farinas, principal author of the bill, stated that it is a known fact that there are shady individuals that throw objects at motor vehicles as a 'habitual past-time'.

“In the process, accidents result, putting the lives and limbs of passengers and damaging the vehicle itself. This practice has to be abated,” said Farinas.

Currently, authorities can only deal with culprits by convicting them of malicious mischief under Article 327 of the Revised Penal Code. What's worse is that most of the offenders can go scot-free as most are never caught. For Farinas, penalizing the act of throwing objects against motor vehicles with a stiff penalty will serve as a deterrent.

Under House Bill 7163, any individual that is found guilty of throwing stones, rocks, bricks, bottles or any hard objects that damages, ruins the vehicle or causes bodily harm, death on a person will be penalized with the following:

  1. Twenty-five years imprisonment and a fine of Php 100,000, in addition to the civil liabilities if such acts results in the death of any person;
  2. Five years imprisonment and a fine of Php 15,000, in addition to the civil liabilities for medical expenses and rehabilitation, if such act results in any physical injury to a person; and
  3. One year imprisonment and a fine of Php 10,000, in addition to the cost of repair of the vehicle.