The Road Board could soon be no more, and its fate could soon be in the hands of the Senate and, eventually, the President. The Road Board was responsible for Republic Act 8794, also known as “An Act Imposing a Motor Vehicle User’s Charge on Owners of All Types of Motor Vehicles and Other Users”.

That being said, the Congress wants to get rid of it. 

According to the Road Board, they are responsible for ensuring adequate maintenance of the nation's roads, along with the “utilization of the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC)”. It essentially means that road maintenance funds are collected via the MVUC.

However, then House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya, Jr. said it would be better if the funds collected by the Road Board to go into General Funds.

“We are in support of putting proceeds from the MVUC as part of the General Fund. Not an off budget item that will be spent by one person in an 'untransparent' way”, said Andaya Jr.

He adds, “The proceeds need to be included as a line-item fund in the annual budget of the DPWH in the General Appropriations Act. This way, the real and full funding level of the DPWH is reflected clearly, unlike today when MVUC spending is segregated and treated as a non-national budget expenditure”.

With that, the DPWH shall assume the duties of the Road Board, along with its records, properties, assets, equipment, and funds of the Road Board, including unexpended appropriations and allocations. Employees of the Road Board are then entitled to receive separation benefits under the provisions of RA 6656, also known as “An Act to Protect the Security of Tenure of Civil Service Officers and Employees in the Implementation of the Government Reorganization”. Those qualified for retirement are also entitled to benefits as well.