As the holiday rush draws closer, traffic along EDSA seems to be getting worse. Combined with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the near 24 km thoroughfare continues to exceed its maximum daily capacity.

In order to improve traffic flow along EDSA, House Minority Leader Bienvenido “Benny” Abante recently proposed closing all U-turn slots along the major roadway.

“I was thinking na tanggalin na 'yung mga U-turn na iyan and then 'yung fast lane should be dedicated to carpools,” said Abante. [I was thinking of removing the U-turn slots and the fast lanes be dedicated to carpools.]

The solon added that years before, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Bayani Fernando opened U-turn slots along EDSA. While beneficial, there are now more vehicles plying the road which has resulted in these U-turn slots becoming sources of traffic.

“Many years back, Congressman BF, Bayani Fernando, made some U-turn’s sa EDSA. And that time syempre konti pa lang ang mga saskayan, but now it’s three folds,” added Abante. [Many years back, Congressman Bayani Fernando opened U-turn slots along EDSA. During that time there were less vehicles. The volume of vehicles, however, hand increased threefold.]

But what will be the alternative should this proposal be implemented? Abante has yet to state what the solution will be if ever his suggestion is put into practice.

Aside from his bid to remove U-turn slots in EDSA, Abante also suggested for a four-day work week during the holiday season in order to help ease traffic flow. He has already called on Malacanan Palace to consider his four-day work week proposal.

What do you think? Will Abante's suggestion of closing down U-turn slots along EDSA, as well as making the fast lane a dedicated car pool help with the worsening traffic? Leave your comments below.


Source: CNN Philippines