The Corvette C8 Stingray has been one of the most highly anticipated models to come from Chevrolet as of late. Aside from it being the first mid-engined Corvette to be produced, it also shocked the public by having a starting price in the US of under $60,000 (Php 3,050,000). With the standard hard-top variant already revealed, people are now asking when the C8 Convertible will be making its debut.

Drop-top Chevy Corvette C8, race car coming in Q3 2019 image

During the initial live stream of the C8's reveal, the open-top C8 was previewed towards the end of the video. Since then, we've known that a convertible was already on its way. Now, General Motors has released a standalone video showing the convertible together with a sneak preview of the track-only C8.R race car.

There is not a lot of details revealed about the open-top C8 or the track-only race car. However, the video does show that both models will be making a "debut in Fall 2019". There's nothing more to it than that really, which means we can expect to see the C8 Convertible and C8.R racecar make their global debut in the next two months.

Drop-top Chevy Corvette C8, race car coming in Q3 2019 image

For the C8 Convertible expect it to use the same 6.2-liter LT2 V8 as the hardtop variant. For reference, the standard LT2 found in the C8 generates 490 horsepower or 495 horsepower with the optional Z51 performance package. Meanwhile, for the C8.R, all we have to go on is its beautiful exhaust note.

With still a few months before the two C8 variants officially debut, who knows what else Chevrolet has in store for the Corvette C8. Hopefully, we'll get to see the more potent Z06 version already.