Ford looking to just sell EVs in the future, but what does this mean for ASEAN?

Last week, we saw Ford unveil the F-150 Lightning EV. Serving as the Blue Oval’s first-ever electric pick-up truck, it’s already making waves in the auto industry. With over 20,000 reservations (and rising) for the electric F-150, it seems Ford is heading towards an electric future.

But could this open the door for an electric Ranger (or Everest) in the future as well? That is a possibility as Ford is planning to sell just EVs in the future.

In a report by Automotive News, Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford North America, said that the Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit are just the beginning. Soon, Ford will have a more aggressive strategy to have its lineup consist of only EVs.

After electric F-150, could there be a Ford Ranger EV? image

Unlike other manufacturers, Ford has yet to set the switch in stone. That means, unlike Ford Europe that already plans to phase out internal combustion engines (ICEs) by 2030, Ford North America could still have ICE-powered models in the not-so-distant future.

“I can easily see a point where we'd say, 'Here's the date where we'd be all-electric. We're certainly working toward it,” said Galhotra.

But what could this decision mean for the ASEAN-Oceania markets that are still using ICE-powered models? Ford has yet to state its electrification plans for the two regions.

What they might do is introduce hybrid versions of existing vehicles. That means models like the Ranger, Everest, EcoSport, and maybe even the Territory may come with electrification. Once electrification becomes the norm in the regions, perhaps Ford can begin offering its EV lineup of vehicles, or electric versions of existing models.

After electric F-150, could there be a Ford Ranger EV? image

Don't expect the EV versions for ASEAN and Oceania models to come right away though. Remember, it took Ford years to make an electric version of the F-150. But they did prove that electric commercial vehicles are possible in real-world applications. Should the move be successful, it gives Ford more reason (and confidence) to build an electric or hybrid Ranger. They might even consider applying the same for the Everest.

The F-150 could lead the charge of mass-market EV pick-ups and the technology can eventually trickle down smaller, more affordable models. Perhaps once the 2022 Ford Ranger is officially revealed, it might already come with an electric variant available immediately. But since the next-gen Ranger will be a collaboration with Volkswagen, could it actually use EV tech from VW instead of the Blue Oval?