Like most automakers, Honda is pouring a lot into the crossover market. From the BR-V to the Pilot, they cater to almost every size segment out there. However, Honda says there is still room for one more model, one that's even smaller than the BR-V.

According to Autonetmagz, PT Honda Prospect Motor (PT HPM), Honda's automotive arm in Indonesia, is mulling the possibility of a Ford EcoSport and Hyundai Venue-sized vehicle. Not only that, their report says PT HPM is even doing a feasibility study on the model. With that, one can say that they are serious about developing a new small crossover.

In a statement by PT HPM's Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director, Yusak Billy, he had this to say. “ Is there any opportunity to make products in the small SUV segment as rivals do? Of course, in launching a product, we see what consumer needs are and market conditions. So, we will continue our studies. Whether in the future there will be SUVs out like our neighbors, we are still learning that. It can't be announced yet. To be sure we will follow all movements in the market ”.

A few months ago, Honda registered the name ZR-V in different trademark offices around Asia-Pacific. Coupled with the quote from Yusak Billy, does this mean the Japanese automaker's small crossover will use that name? It's easy to jump to that conclusion following the two events, but we'll have to wait and see if the product comes to fruition in the first place.

If Honda pushes through with this plan, what can they use as a platform for their mini-crossover? They can use a modified Brio chassis. After all, this modular architecture also serves as the basis for the second-generation Amaze, BR-V, and Mobilio. Honda has displayed the flexibility of this body, so building and engineering a high-riding Brio might not too complicated.