As crossovers continue to become more popular, automakers are constantly making more of them in order to meet demand. While some continue to make bigger models, some brands are opting to make even smaller crossovers, so much so that small hatchbacks and sedans are starting to be displaced.

Now Kia is looking to add another crossover to its lineup and it will be called the 'Sonet', and it seems like it's similar in size to another Kia: the Picanto.

If the name sounds familiar, Kia actually revealed it a few months ago as a concept at 2020 Auto Expo India. It will supposedly slot below the Seltos and could essentially be an EcoSport fighter. Now, Kia Motors India has revealed the first official design render of the upcoming crossover.

From the looks of things, it appears Kia opted to keep its design faithful to the original concept. It gets the massive tiger-nose front grille, sporty front bumper, eye-catching headlights, and aggressively-styled body. Clearly, Kia wants the Sonet to be an attention-grabber.

Could Kia

But with its small size and compact dimensions, will the Sonet affect the sales of similarly smaller cars like the Picanto hatchback? Put it this way: if a fully-equipped Picanto is almost at the same exact price bracket as a mid-grade Sonet, would people still buy the smaller and shorter hatchback?

Kia claims that the Sonet is aimed squarely at young “spirited” car buyers that want something high-tech and cool. With small crossovers continuing to populate the market, this could put the humble hatchback in a bit of a bind should the Sonet's size (and price) be near the Picanto's.

The automaker will first reveal the Sonet in India and will be the second 'made in India' car from Kia along with the Seltos. Soon, other global markets will receive the Sonet except for Europe. Kia Motors India did not mention as to why but it could be because of the Stonic already being offered in that market.

With Kia Philippines looking to add more small crossover in the market soon (i.e. the Stonic) could the Sonet make a good run here given the rather measured sales of the Kia Picanto? Watch this space.