Remember when Suzuki revealed the XL6 over in India? Essentially a high-riding version of the Ertiga, the 'rugged' six-seater MPV is geared to take on the likes of the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, Toyota Rush, as well as the Honda BR-V.

Five months after the XL6's global reveal, it looks like it might make its way to Southeast Asia after all. Recently, photos of what appear to be the XL6 were seen at Suzuki's Cikarang plant in Indonesia. However, unlike the Indian version which comes with the 'XL6' nameplate at the back, this one has 'XL7' placed on the tailgate.

Will PH get the Suzuki XL6 as the XL7 from Indonesia? image

Why the name change? Our best guess is that the XL7 will have a different set of seats in the second row. Originally, the XL6 comes with captain seats in the second row, making it a six-seater. With the XL7 name, this could mean that the Indonesian version will have a standard bench seat, allowing it to be a proper seven-seater.

However, despite having a slightly different name, the XL7 appears to have a similar look to that of the XL6. From the distinct front fascia, to the black body cladding, black roof rails, and the faux skid plates located on the front and rear bumpers, the XL7 looks no different than the Indian XL6.

Will PH get the Suzuki XL6 as the XL7 from Indonesia? image

There are no pictures of the XL7's cabin just yet. Although we won't be surprised if it will have the same level of features or amenities as the XL6. That means a touchscreen infotainment system, an all-black leather interior, and a digital climate control system might be available on the XL7.

Like the Ertiga, a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine will most likely be the engine of choice for the XL7. Meanwhile, a five-speed manual gearbox and a four-speed automatic could be the available transmission options for the XL7.

Will PH get the Suzuki XL6 as the XL7 from Indonesia? image

But the bigger question would be is will Suzuki Philippines actually bring the XL7 here? While nothing has been confirmed yet, the XL7 stands a good chance of arriving here as the company sources the Ertiga from Indonesia. And with the market currently populated by the Xpander, Rush, and BR-V, Suzuki might want to join that fray with the higher-riding Ertiga.

Let's hope that Suzuki does bring it here in the not so distant future.

Source: OLX Indonesia