If there's one thing you've noticed about the more recent Ferrari models is that there has been a lack of a particular body (or roof) style: the targa top.

Back in the day, Ferrari did offer some of their models as an open top targa model; one of most famous being the F50. Since the 2000s however, Ferrari has instead offered models as a convertible (Spider). Now, it seems as though t-top Ferrari's could make a return as seen in new patent images.Could targa top Ferrari models make a comeback?

These patent images shows the traditional targa design sketched onto the F430 body. The use of the F430 as the sketch "mule" for the targa top is unusual; the selection of the F430 could perhaps be a move to mask what they were actually working on. Those who follow the Ferrari models would know that the long discontinued F430 was never offered with a T-top. The use of the F430 as  likely

Furthermore, the patent design is shown to eliminate one of the key problems that targa cars experience: air turbulence in the passenger cabin.

Ferrari's idea to solve the problem seems very simple. They will install vents at the rear parcel shelf which will shuffle air flow to anywhere else but the cabin. Furthermore, they will also be increasing the height of the windshield by a few centimeters for it to go over the rollbar, ensuring that the air will flow over the cabin. From there, Ferrari could then channel the air to wherever they like, be it into the engine for improved airflow or to generate more downforce.

Could targa top Ferrari models make a comeback?

Given that this is a patent, it isn't certain whether the targa will actually return to future Ferrari models. That said, the Italian manufacturer did recently reveal a targa-style Ferrari albeit as the 488-based special edition J50 (main image). However, it still isn't something that the guys at Maranello would mass produce.

We can only hope that Prancing Horse targa tops make a comeback in the future, just for a bit more variety.