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Could the Volkswagen Gen.E prototype be the next Golf?


VW Gen.E prototype, a research vehicle for brand's electric future

It seems as though Volkswagen is keen on rebranding itself as a leader in both hybrid and electric vehicles. The company has been trying to do so by itself and in cooperation with other companies on several green projects. The marque quietly revealed the Gen.E research prototype, giving us a preview of that electric future and possibly the next generation Golf.

Going over the Gen.E research vehicle, the front fascia features C-shaped LED daytime running lights integrated to the bumper, similarly shaped to that found on the current Golf E. Below it, the lower bumper has been finished in black and likely houses a vast array of radars and other sensors. On the hood, the charging point can be found and features two different sockets, allowing it to be charged from multiple areas.


Moving to the side, its profile is eerily similar to that of the current-gen Golf. However, unlike the current Golf, it features a unique split window design, where only the lower part likely retracts. Meanwhile, the doors open gullwing style and are opened via a flush door handle design, likely to improve aerodynamics. See that rear spoiler? Those with keen eyes would have already noticed that the spoiler makes up part of the B-pillar and is not a separate entity.

As for powertrain details, Volkswagen has yet to release any specific information about it. They do say however that the Gen.E “provides an insight into the next generation of automobiles for efficient long-distance mobility with a range of more than 249 miles (400 kilometers).” The battery meanwhile "is based on advanced lithium-ion cells". As for the motor, they only say it has been "optimized".

Whether or not the Gen.E spawns the next generation Golf is too early to tell at this point. What we are certain is that Volkswagen is sersious with their upcoming hybrid and electric vehicles.

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