Subcompact or B-segment crossovers have been proving a sales hit for their respective manufacturers. That being said, we haven't been seeing a lot of the facelifted Chevrolet Trax on our roads that often. Now, Chevy wants to rectify that with the all-new model, and it seems that it's coming in 2020.

At least, that's what the folks from Headlightmag are saying. Chevrolet has released a preview photo of a small crossover although Chevy themselves didn't name it. Looking at other sources however, they say it is, indeed, the Trax. Unlike some teaser photos, there's actually a fair amount of detail seen here.

So, what does it look like? By the looks of things, it ditches the short-hood, bubble shape of the current model. In its place is a more conventional design with a longer hood, more upright glass, and formal roofline. If anything, the new look appears to echo that of its big brother, the all-new and revived Blazer in the US Market.

For now, it's a preview, meaning specs are yet to be known at this point. But given the trend of downsizing engines, it is possible that the 2020 Trax will come with a small capacity, turbocharged four-cylinder mill. It is also likely to stick to front-wheel drive although all-wheel drive could be an option. Also, expect an upgraded infotainment system for the all-new crossover, along with more tech along the way.

At the moment, there are no plans whether or not Chevrolet Philippines will be bringing in the 2020 Trax to our shores. If so, it could be an interesting contender in the small crossover arena.