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Could this Concept A become the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan?


Concept A sedan to join Mercedes-Benz lineup at 2017 Auto Shanghai

When first unveiled to the public, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was supposedly a 5-door hatchback only, as the CLA was marketed as the brand's compact saloon under the new generation compact car (NGCC) program.

Well, it seems Mercedes-Benz might be changing that again, as the German automaker has recently released a teaser of a new design showcase, and they're calling it the Concept A sedan.

The Concept A sedan appears to be largely inspired by the Aesthetics A Sculpture, and is touted by some pundits to become a new A-Class sedan in the future. The brief video gives a glimpse of concept's front fascia, one that seems to be have a more angular pair of headlights with a large Mercedes Panamericana grille as the centerpiece. The new grille is also found on newer AMG GT models.


Details are scarce, though the video does offer a look at the rear of the new concept, with sharper and longer taillights than those on the CLA, and even comes with Y-shaped LED profiles. This supposedly would allow the Concept A to be distinguished more easily as compared to a CLA four-door coupe.

Unlike the CLA, the Concept A will have a more conventional notchback as compared to the fastback of the CLA as seen in the side profile when comparing the two vehicles. The roofline could benefit the Concept A with better headroom and trunk space. The Concept A uses a single character line, which stretches from front to back.

No technical details have been released, though we expect that Mercedes-Benz could release more teasers as the car's global debut at 2017 Auto Shanghai draws closer.  

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