During the Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu previewed a vehicle that caught our attention. It's a subcompact crossover that has the potential to be a hit in the Philippines. However, there is a bit of an odd thing about it: It doesn't have a name yet.

The lack of a name makes us rather baffled, but it sure is an interesting way to stir up interest.

Daihatsu SUV could be a future budget Toyota image

This Daihatsu crossover is one of the surprises during the motor show. They yet to be named model is actually slated for production pretty soon, meaning what you're looking at here is no concept.

Do also note that, there might actually be a possibility of it being sold here with due to the fact that Toyota owns a large chunk of Daihatsu. After all, the Avanza, Rush, and Wigo are Daihatsu products that wear a Toyota badge and a slightly different look.

Daihatsu SUV could be a future budget Toyota image

While it doesn't have a name (yet), at least Daihatsu has a spec sheet for the yet to be named crossover. It's a hair under four meters long (3,995 mm), putting it right in the subcompact category of crossovers. It weighs 980 kilograms too, which is very light for any crossover. The engine on the other hand is a turbocharged 1.0-liter engine that's good for 98 PS and 140 Nm of torque. Drive is courtesy of a continuously variable transmission and it is front-wheel drive only.

As for its looks, it's on the boxy, upright side with a generous glass area. Making it look bigger is its flat nose and high-set headlights. The passenger area looks rather spacious for such a small vehicle, although the third window does emphasize its lack of length. At the rear, it's a mostly flat tailgate with wraparound tail lights to give it some flair, and the license plate holder is on the bumper.

Daihatsu SUV could be a future budget Toyota image

Inside, it has a driver oriented design with the center stack tilted away from the passenger. Shapes are mostly square and geometeric, complementing its exterior design. Of course, the now trendy center screen is present, along with interesting patterns on the seats, center console, and doors. By the looks of things, Daihatsu is aiming straight for the younger car buyer.

What Daihatsu has here is a contender for the five-seater, small SUV category. Its potential rivals include the Nissan Juke, Suzuki Vitara, and Ford EcoSport. All it needs now is a name and, in our case, a Toyota badge.