One would usually associate Chevrolet with pickups and SUVs. After all, the Colorado and Trailblazer are among the brand's top sellers here. That being said, Chevrolet also has a small sedan to offer here and that's the Sail.

But that could bow out soon. It's replacement could be the Onix, and Chevrolet has just revealed it.

Now, the Onix isn't an entirely new name for Chevrolet. In fact, it's been around in Latin American markets since 2012. The difference this time is that the Onix sprouts a trunk as the current model is a hatchback. With that, the 2019 Onix rides on a totally new platform from General Motors. They call it GEM or the Global Emerging Markets vehicle architecture. With its name, it looks like the Onix will have more derivatives in the future. That being said, General Motors say that the platform will see duty in Latin America, certain parts of Asia-Pacific, and China.

All in all, the Onix sedan adapts a fair amount of design cues from its bigger brother, the second-generation Cruze. It also gets some inspiration from the revived, China-only (for now) Monza. There's a large split grill that takes center stage at the front, a Chevrolet signature for quite some time already. Headlights are slightly slimmer than the Sail's, and there are more defined corners on the bumper edges.

The glass area appears to be longer as well, giving the impression of the whole car growing in size compared to the Sail. At the back, the lip of the trunklid kicks upwards and the tail lights sport a unique shape. Instead of putting the license plate holder on the trunk, Chevrolet has instead put it in the lower half of the bumper. Cherolet has yet to release photos of the subcompact sedan's interior.

Chevrolet has not released official engine specs as of posting. However, it is said that there are two options to choose from. It starts with a 1.3-liter engine with 101 PS. Instead of offering a 1.5-liter, Chevrolet has taken the downsized turbo route instead. The other reported engine choice will be a boosted 1.0-liter, three-cylinder mill making 114 PS.

The question now is this: Will the Onix make its way to the country? But perhaps the bigger question here is if Chevrolet Philippines still wants to make a mark in the local subcompact sedan sales race. If so, then the chances of the Onix making its way here are favorable. After all, GM did design the Onix's platform for emerging markets.