It seems even high-end car companies cannot get away with being forged by certain organizations.

Just this Thursday, authorities in Spain have apprehended eight people for selling forged high-end cars like Ferrari 458 Italias and F430s. A minimum of 17 ’Ferraris’, among other cars, were discovered in two workshops in Algamese and Albalat dels Sorells.

The cars were reproduced without legal consent from the manufacturers. While no further reports trace how many cars from this organization are already running on streets, this incident could be alarming for luxury car manufacturers.

Based on photographs from the Spanish Police, the fake sportscars were made using fiberglass, and were powered by Toyota VVT-i engines. Based on the photographs, it appears the counterfeiters could be using the Toyota MR-2/MR-S as the donors for the vehicles.

Amongst the ‘Faux-rraris’, there were also some Aston Martin copies, all of which were being sold online at low prices. The units were immediately dismantled after being discovered.