About two years ago, we published a news story about counterfeit Rota Wheels spotted in selected Asian markets. It seems that some counterfeit wheel manufacturers and dealers have taken another step ahead as fake Rota wheels have been spotted in the Philippines.


The latest counterfeit Rota Wheels have recently surfaced in the home market of manufacturer Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. (PAWI).

Made in Taiwan

The new counterfeit Rota Wheels come with a plain white carton, Rota labeled center cap and a ROTA text embossed on the wheel lip. At the back, markings saying "Made in Taiwan" are seen. These new counterfeits are suspected to be manufactured in China as well, like the previous ones.


“While it is flattering that they find our brand name prestigious enough to label their counterfeit wheels, we consider this is a serious concern. Customers might be confused with buying an inferior product that did not go through our stringent testing measures,” said Michael Rojas, PAWI president.