Does the name Cromodora ring a bell? If not, here's a brief history lesson.

Cromodora is an Italian wheel company that have been in business since 1962. They're mainly associated with European car manufacturers, particularly Italian automakers. If you look at the wheels from classic Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, and Fiats, you can bet that it came from Cromodora.

Since then, Cromodora also makes wheels for Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, just to name a few. The company has expanded, and now, Audi has tapped them to build wheels for them in a special factory.

With help from Audi, Cromodora will build a new plant in Eastern Europe. This is a particularly significant bit of news as an automaker will be giving full support to a wheel manufacturer. Prior to that, Cromodora has been making wheels for the German luxury automaker as far back as the late 70's, and a partnership of this kind is unprecedented for both companies.

Their goal is to build a plant that features cleaner and more efficient ways to build wheels. Both are making extra efforts to lessen their carbon footprint by finding new production methods that retain long-term sustainability.

The plant will be completed by 2023. From there, most, if not all, Audi vehicles will be fitted with wheels from Cromodora. Not only that, the new factory will also supply wheels for the rest of the Volkswgen Auto Group, which includes, VW, Seat, and Skoda, just to name a few.