As stop-start systems are trickling their way through to more mainstream cars, the strain on the batteries is becoming greater. CTEK, the manufacturer of smart battery chargers, has launched a new charger that can cope with the demands of deep-cycle batteries.

CTEK calls it the CT5 Start/Stop, it has been specifically designed for cars equipped with the said system. It is similar to the MXS 5.0 charger but delivers a higher voltage as there is more load on deep-cycle batteries. It also has the signature eight-step charging process which can also be found in the MXS 5.0.

CTEK CT5 Start/Stop battery charger now in the Philppines

It starts with Desulfation, followed by Soft Start. It then proceeds to Bulk charging and Absorption. Once the first four steps are finished, the charger goes into Analysis, assessing the condition of the battery. Afterwards, it moves to Recondition and then to Float to maintain charge. The final step is Pulse which sends a charge to the battery when necessary. Once the process is finished, the charger automatically shuts off.

According to Robert Briggs, director of sales and marketing for CTEK Asia-Pacific, the company's chargers are far from being regular trickle chargers. He notes that the standard trickle chargers just keep sending voltage to the battery, causing it to overcharge and, eventually, damage it. With the eight-step process, it not only stops when its full but also maintain the charge until the vehicle is used.

Briggs adds that CTEK chargers and maintainers are easy to use thanks to the Comfort Connector. Simply plug the CTEK charger to the wall, attach the connector and will not spark once attached to the terminals. The company says that charging the batteries once a month can double the battery's life, leading to less of these thrown out for a lesser environmental impact.

Battery Sense

CTEK Philippines also launched the Battery Sense monitoring system. In conjuction with a smartphone application, it allows the user to keep track of the vehicle's battery condition even when they are not using the car. Battery Sense stores the vehicle profile and up to ten profiles can be stored in the application. Briggs also recommends Battery Sense for those managing fleets.

The CTEK CT5 Start/Stop and Battery Sense is now available through authorized dealers. Meanwhile, the Battery Sense application can be downloaded at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.