CTEK Philippines has just introduced a new charger that allows you to keep your battery in tip top shape outdoors. Dubbed the D250S Dual, the charger recharges and maintains your battery without the need for plugging it into a socket. 

The D250S Dual is a fully automatic, five-stage charger that supplies 20 amps to 12 volt batteries of 40-300Ah. To charge, it draws power from other batteries, as well as the device's solar panel. This device also charges when attached to the battery with the alternator running. Its input range is from 10V to 22V and allows the system to operate when the output voltage from the smart alternator drops. As it charges, it will automatically switch on at a lower voltage level than traditional DC-to-DC chargers.

CTEK Philippines introduces D250S Dual battery charger

Unique to the D250S Dual is a solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking. This allows you to charge the vehicle's battery even with no charging sockets. It also synchronizes with other power sources such as alternator. To use, simply attach the leads to the battery terminals and let the device go through the five cycles, namely Desulphation, Bulk, Absorption, Float and Pulse. It then shuts off when the battery is fully charged and sends a pulse when needed. The D250S Dual also allows multiple batteries to be charged at the same time

The charger is IP65 classified, meaning it is splash proof, dust protected and approved for outdoor use. Like all CTEK products, it protects vehicle electronics and is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries. The D250S Dual also comes with a two year guarantee.