Need a powerful and safe battery charger for your workshop? CTEK Philippines has you covered after the company launched the all-new Professional Charging Series.

It is CTEK's answer to increasing demands for a battery charging system specifically built for the modern workshop. Not only can it recharge car batteries, it can also be used as a battery support system during a diagnostic or flash programming is being performed on a vehicle.

CTEK Pro Charging Series is a handy tool for the workshop

First up is the PRO60 battery charger. It is a 60A battery charger and power supply that can restore, charge and recondition a battery using CTEK's patented multi-step charging process. The PRO60 also has Adaptive Charging Mode, which automatically recognizes the size of a battery and select the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge. It can be used on all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including lithium (LiFePO4).

Diagnostic and software work requires the car's ignition to be turned on for an extended period of time. The PRO60 features a variable and stable output and is flexible between 12.6V and 14.8V. With an inherently low voltage ripple and a range of safety features, the PRO60 is safe for both the battery and vehicle's electrical system.

CTEK Pro Charging Series is a handy tool for the workshop

Complementing the PRO60 is the Pro Battery Tester. From its namesake, it serves as a quick battery tester that delivers accurate tests on the battery and electrical system in seconds. It's compatible with all battery rating systems (CCA, DIN, EN, IEC and SAE) and various 12V lead-acid batteries (standard, flooded, AGM and GEL).

“Battery issues are becoming more and more common in vehicles entering the workshop. When a vehicle enters the workshop, oil and other fluid levels, tire pressures and brake condition are all regularly checked and any issues addressed. With the help of our PRO Series of products, workshops can now offer this level of service to their customers’ vehicle batteries – easily, safely and without disruption to usual workshop routines,” said Peter White, Professional Business Unit Manager at CTEK.

The CTEK Pro Series is now available through CTEK Philippines.