Swedish-based company, CTEK, has arrived in the Philippines with a full range of light and heavy duty vehicle battery chargers. The company is under the Create-All design fim and is now active in 62 countries worldwide.

CTEK was established 13 years ago and is now one of the leading brands for vehicle battery chargers. It makes chargers for 42 manufacturers including Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. CTEK is also a multiple award winner in consumer choice polls for Autobild and Auto Express.

The CTEK car charger comes with a system that gives full power for the first 80% of charging and reducing power for the remaining 20%. According to Robert Briggs, CTEK's Director of Sales and Marketing in Asia Pacific, this system prevents the release of gasses within the battery and, therefore, does not damage it. Other safety systems found in the CTEK battery charger includes double insulated clamps that prevent sparks and polarity protection which prevents damage from accidental clamping. The polarity protection also comes with a warning light for the user to put the battery clamps in the right terminals.

“While it is not truly equipped to be portable, the small, compact size of the CTEK car charger makes it easy to store and even install permanently in your garage or shop. CTEK’s patrons are usually showrooms, car collectors, fleet operators and car/motorbike enthusiasts who want to maximize or prolong their battery life,” says Johann Tiu of CTEK Philippines.

CTEK Philippine launch

CTEK's vehicle chargers cater to a wide range of vehicles from motorbikes to trucks. The range starts with the XC 0.8 8v and XS 0.8 12v. Both can be used for motorbikes and classic cars while the XS 0.8 12v can be used for golf carts and the like.

For modern car applications, CTEK offers the MXS 3.8 which comes with the company's unique 7-step charging system. It comes with a Float or Pulse mode which keeps the battery fully charged which then shuts off when optimal levels are reached. Moving up a notch is the MXS 5.0 and adds another step in its charging system. The extra step in the MXS 5.0 is automatic desulphation which allows the acids and the water to mix for the battery to function again. The MXS 5.0 is also available with a Test and Charge system in order to monitor battery life.

For premium vehicles, there's the MCS 7.0. The MCS 7.0 comes with a power supply mode which preserves a vehicles on board computer settings instead of forcing the owner to go for a full reset when the battery goes weak. For vehicles equipped with stop/start systems, CTEK offers the CT5 Start/Stop. The CT5 Stop/Start charger comes with a multi-step charging system specifically designed for vehicles equipped with stop/start systems.

CTEK battery charger

CTEK also offers a range of professional grade vehicle battery chargers for workshops. The portable vehicle battery chargers differ in power capacities which start with the MXS 10EC, followed by the more powerful MXS 15 charger with built in temperature sensor. The MXS 25 comes with a power source which keeps a vehicle's electronic systems and on board computers running during diagnostics. Lastly, the most powerful charger, the MXS 25EC has the ability to recharge even the most drained batteries.

The company says CTEK automotive battery chargers pose no risk to a vehicle's electronic system. One of the company's goals is to lesses the amount of batteries going to waste and with the chargers, CTEK says it can double a vehicle's battery life and therefore reducing waste.

For more information, follow CTEK on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CTEK.Ph.