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Current and future Tesla models to get new Autopilot system


Telsa continues push for autonomous driving tech

Tesla Motors recently announced that all Tesla vehicles produced in their factory starting yesterday including the Model 3 are fitted with a new hardware that provides a full self-driving capability at a safety level.

The company claims that the full autonomy enables a Tesla vehicle to be substantially safer than a human driver as well as lowering financial cost of transportation for car owners and providing low-cost on-demand mobility for non-owner car.

The future Tesla vehicles are surrounded by a total of eight cameras effectively providing a 360-degree visibility around the car with up to 250 meters of range. Also, twelve upgraded ultrasonic sensors are placed to support its vision. These can detect either hard or soft objects nearly twice the distance of the previous system.


In addition, it is fitted with a forward-facing radar with improved processing that gives additional information about the world on a redundant wavelength. This allows the vehicle to see through heavy rain, fog, dust, and even another vehicle ahead.

The company's new vehicles will also feature a new onboard system to process the data gathered by the onboard radar. Tesla claims that this system is 40 times greater than the previous generation.

Tesla Motors also said that the Models S and X units fitted with the advanced self-driving hardware are already in production. It is also now available for purchase.

Before activating the new hardware, however, certain improvements shall be made first. To do this, Tesla models fitted with the new hardware will temporarily lack certain features currently available on the first-generation Autopilot hardware including the following standard features: active cruise control, lane holding, automatic emergency braking,and collision warning.

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