Nissan wants you to relax in the Caravan My Room Concept

The Nissan Urvan (Caravan in Japan and NV350 in other markets) is a very versatile vehicle. It can carry cargo or passengers, depending on the configuration. In Japan, the automaker has transformed the van into various concept vehicles giving owners an idea of what they can do with it. So far, we’ve seen it as an office, a camper van, and even a mobile home, among others. Now, the automaker has transformed it into a literal bedroom on wheels.

Custom Nissan NV350 Urvan is a literal bedroom on wheels image

It’s called the Caravan My Room Concept. As the name implies, the van's interior has been transformed into a bedroom. Compared to the other concepts, the changes are subtle too. The exterior looks like any other Urvan you’ll see on the road. The bumpers aren’t even painted, and it rides on black steelies. Possibly the only tell-tale sign would be the graphics on the rear quarter window.

Open the trunk, and it’s like being in your cozy apartment bedroom. Immediately greeting you is the large bed, allowing you to lie down and rest. Based on the photo, there’s even space for your shoes and other stuff to hide underneath. Meanwhile, the ceiling and side panels are similar to what you’d find in a house featuring proper lighting and shelves on the windows. For a more upscale vibe, the interior is lined with wooden panels.

Custom Nissan NV350 Urvan is a literal bedroom on wheels image

In the background, there even seems to be a couch as well. Nissan didn’t go into the details, but did say the My Room concept allows people to “spend time with your loved ones”. Overall, this would make for a nice vehicle to take on a road trip.

Like the previous Urvan concepts Nissan revealed, it’s unlikely the automaker will offer this model from the factory. However, it does give customers an idea of how they can modify the van to suit their lifestyle.