First, it was Australia, now it's Thailand.

The hits just keep coming for Ford and their Powershift transmission. Following the settlement in Australia, Thai courts have accepted a class-action lawsuit against Ford Thailand after a total of 421 Ford vehicle owners filed a case against the automaker.

Disgruntled owners began taking steps to sue Ford Thailand, along with other subsidiaries, on April of 2017. Like the case in Australia, the motion is regarding the six-speed, dual-clutch transmission (DPS6) in certain Ford models, namely the Fiesta, Focus and EcoSport. Owners have claimed the transmission has been suffering from chronic issues, and that the service centers have failed to address the issues. According to the Bangkok Post, the plaintiffs have accused Ford Thailand of 'selling unsafe products due to substandard production and distribution, and of false advertising'.

Of the 421 owners who took part in the class-action suit, 113 took Ford Thailand's settlement. Initially, owners filed cases against Ford Motor Company Thailand Co Ltd, the company's sales and service division, the latter being sued twice over, and the operations of the automaker. After one of the sessions, the plaintiffs dropped the charges against Ford Thailand, its sales department and operations department. That leaves the service division as the only defendant in this case.

While a fair amount of customers accepted the settlement, Ford Thailand will still have to answer to 308 others in the suit. With that, Ford Thailand faces a 24 million Baht (approximately Php 39 million at current exchange rates) lawsuit due to the Powershift dual-clutch transmission issues. This is on top of the recent penalty Ford's Australian operations had to pay due to, what Australian Federal Courts said, was the mishandling of the transmission recall. That netted them a fine of AUD 10 million and ordered by the court to fix the transmissions free of charge or refund the customers. As for the Thai plaintiffs, their courts have scheduled the ruling for September 28, 2018.

Source: Bangkok Post