For the past couple of years, diesel has been getting flack in Europe (with lawmakers seeking to ban it in the long-term). However, Daimler AG, the maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, announced their commitment to further develop diesel engines, saying 'improving diesels is better than banning it'.

They went on to say that 'we (Daimler AG) fully back the diesel engine of today as part of the drive mix of tomorrow'. Their official statement backs the words of CEO Dieter Zetsche who stated last year that 'diesels are worth fighting for'. With that, both Daimler AG and BMW have made it public that they will continue to support the idea behind diesels, as well as continuously develop this type of engine.

Daimler AG stated several advantages of the diesel engine. They said that the modern diesel engine has less CO2 emissions over gas engines, has less NOx emissions thanks to advancements in technologies, and, according to them, meets more stringent NOx emissions standards with a target of 80mg/km. The automaker stated that their new generation of diesel engines, namely the four-cylinder OM 654 and the six-cylinder OM 656 diesels are cleaner than diesels from just a few years ago. They add that they will continue to keep lowering NOx emissions for as long as they can.

At the same time, Daimler also committed to the continuous development of electric vehicles, saying there will be ten battery-powered vehicles joining the range by 2022. Daimler will be offering at least one all-electric option in every Mercedes model series, one of which will be the EQC, the first electric crossover from the marque.