The hype for the Nissan Z Proto is real. Just a few days after it made its world debut, artists from around the world have started to make their renderings of the upcoming coupe. From Jon Sibal making the NISMO 400Z concept to Fatlace turning the Z Proto in the infamous Devil Z from Wangan Midnight, people are going nuts over the next-generation Z.

But while we know what the coupe will look like once it hits production, we don't know how Nissan will design the topless version. That said, Hiroshi Tamura has already mentioned that there could be a roadster version of the all-new Z. Only trouble is, it hasn't been greenlit for production just yet.

That didn't stop digital artist 'X-Tomi Design' from making one see how the Z Proto will look like without a roof. Based on what he was able to render, the Z Proto still looks stunning despite not having its roof. In place of the sloping roof and sleek shoulder lines is a flat deck which houses the convertible top and its mechanicals. It even gets a pair of roll bars that look the part.

Despite this render not being official, it did gave us an idea as to what Nissan may have in store for the next-generation Z. Also, the Z Proto without a roof now looks like it has its own identity. We're not entirely sure though as to how Nissan will alter the taillights if they do come up with a roadster version of the all-new Z, however.

But should they be able to accomplish it, imagine getting to hear that twin-turbo V6, as well as the throaty exhaust outback with the roof down. Surely, that will be enough to please not just Nissan themselves, but enthusiasts as well.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Nissan makes the Z Proto roadster a reality soon.