We're glad car companies still make station wagons. Even as crossovers are becoming a popular choice for family transport, automakers are holding on to wagons and have been making ways to make them cooler. One of those is Subaru, and photos of the next-generation Levorg have been leaked out by Creative311.

Sure, wagons aren't exactly the top choice here, but there's a lot to be excited about the all-new Levorg. So here's why we want Subaru Philippines to bring it over here.

Wagons are a rarity in the country and there are less than five of them being sold here. There's the Levorg, Mazda6 Sportwagon, Volkswagen Santana GTS, and...that's it. Sure, you can indent order one from any of the European luxury marques, but choices are limited. Buying a wagon sets you apart from the crowd which is why we want the future Levorg here. Besides, who wants to see a sea of crossovers every day? If Subaru Philippines won't sell the wagon here, we're pretty much down to just two and we wouldn't want that.

Dear Subaru PH, please bring in the 2021 Levorg ASAP image

There's another reason why you should be excited about the next-generation Levorg. The 2021 model will reportedly have new turbocharged engines. It will either have a 1.5-liter turbo or a 1.8-liter turbo with over 250 PS. There's even a rumor of an STI version with over 300 PS is coming soon. If confirmed, the Levorg will carry the unofficial label of being the family wagon that's ready to rock some rally stages.

That bit of information is important because this could spell the end of Subaru's 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter, non-turbocharged engines. With worldwide emission regulations tightening, it seems that Subaru will be taking the downsized turbo engine in the future. It also means that models like the Forester, XV, and Impreza could get these smaller boosted engines down the line.

Dear Subaru PH, please bring in the 2021 Levorg ASAP image

As for the look of the all-new Levorg, it looks much like the concept shown during the most recent Tokyo Motor Show. It was dubbed a prototype at the time but nearly nothing was changed for the production version, at least according to the leaked photos.

Subaru went to great lengths distinguishing the next-generation Levorg from its sedan counterpart. The front, for instance, looks sharper than those of the Impreza, with its nose more pointed than the sedan. The bumper also has more defined edges, making the wagon even more aggressive. Also, just about every panel you see is different from the Impreza, from the doors to the bumpers, which gives the wagon more distinction over the sedan.

Dear Subaru PH, please bring in the 2021 Levorg ASAP image

But it's the interior we're more interested in. It looks different from the sedan and it now adapts the huge “tablet” infotainment system. The 2021 Levorg takes a page from the all-new Legacy and Outback, which has the same design. A first for the Levorg is the fully digital instrument cluster, which is becoming more common in the compact (C-Segment) class. The leaked brochure states that the Levorg has 492 liters worth of cargo space, with an additional 69 liters under the floor.

According to reports, the 2021 Subaru Levorg will make its debut this October. It will first be sold in Japan come November and, hopefully, the Philippines will get it by next year.