It seems members of the House of Representatives are really keen on making EVs more popular in the country. Aside from proposing a law to make the country a hub for the electric car industry, they also want to make dedicated parking for EVs.

Under the same House Bill mentioned earlier, the law seeks to designate parking slots for EVs in both private and public buildings/establishments. Not only that, but the bill also wants the said slots to have their own charging stations installed.

If passed, any private and public establishments that have 20 or more common parking slots are required to designate parking slots exclusive only to EVs – provided that the number of dedicated EV slots shall be at least 5% of the total number of the available slots. Establishment owners are also being encouraged to opt for putting up fast-charging stations.

But who will provide the fast-charging infrastructure? According to the bill, property owners can enter into a contractual arrangement with a third party who wishes to become an EV charging station service provider.

Dedicated parking slots for EVs proposed by Congress image

But what if a business owner allows non-electric vehicles to park on dedicated EV slots? Unfortunately for them, a hefty fine ranging from a minimum of PHP 50,000 to a maximum of PHP 500,000 awaits would-be violators. Business owners also run the risk of having their business permits suspended or worse, revoked.

There was no mention whether the one who parked their car on an EV slot would also face stiff penalties or not. But with the proposed law yet to be passed, we'll have to wait for the exact rules and guidelines on the imposition of the fines/penalties.

Should House Bill No. 10213 be passed, it will be pretty interesting to see just how business establishments will conform to this requirement. While it might help spur the popularity of EVs, it might also result in electric bills skyrocketing. That's unless the government finds a way to make electricity cheaper to generate, of course.