Hyundai Motor gives the world a preview of its idea of ‘urban mobility’ as it bared its latest compact utility vehicle concept, ‘Carlino,’ at the 2016 Auto Expo in New Delhi, India.

Just one of many new models that show Hyundai’s future design philosophy, the boxy Carlino is another product of the company’s Design Center in Namyang, South Korea.

Even at just under four meters in length, the Carlino doesn’t come short when it comes to style. Its compact size packs in what Hyundai hopes is the kind of exterior ‘style-focused motorists’ will look for in future generations.

The Carlino comes with an ample amount of ground clearance indicating that this urban offering from Hyundai will also have the capability to go off-road when the need arises.

Hyundai plans make the Carlino as customizable as possible on the outside while incorporating the latest in connectivity inside in hopes that its personalization and plug-and-play aspect will resonate with the younger market.

Innovative attractions include interchangeable audio, visual and navigation units, and a wireless rear view camera to enhance visual awareness of the vehicle.

According to Hyundai, ‘each item can be swapped in or out, giving greater choice for users to specify components to suit their needs.’

The Carlino is designed to come with a Start/Stop button, electric folding side mirrors, six airbags and a Hill Start Assist feature.

Hyundai collaborated with Kumho for the unique looking tires that not only enhances the Carlino’s appeal but also comes with a wide shoulder block design to maximize mud traction, and a line and tread shape that comes with a specially developed ‘stone ejector’ feature to keep the tire’s groove free from pebbles.

These exclusive tires also come with 3D honeycomb blocks that work to lessen the road noise for a more relaxed and comfortable ride.