The Indian automaker known for making SUVs, recently revealed a crossover at this year’s Auto Expo India. Called the XUV Aero, the concept crossover sets to defy traditional auto design with ‘endurance and performance’ according to Mahindra.

“Mahindra is constantly striving to push the boundaries of technology and innovation while developing new mobility solutions for a rapidly evolving world. The Auto Expo is the perfect opportunity to showcase our new range of automotive products; and we are particularly proud of the XUV Aero which represents a paradigm shift in our design philosophy,” said Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group.

Penned by the Mahindra Design Studio, the concept takes inspiration from the cheetah. Up front, it gets an aggressive front fascia that is comprised of a chrome grill, dual headlight design and a ventilated hood and bumper. Immediately apparent on the side is the sloped roofline, muscular wheel arches and distinct alloy wheels. Rounding it all off is the unique rear end that display’s the concept’s crossover-coupe appearance.

Rear quarter of the Mahindra XUV Aero

Images of the interior were not provided but it does get leather seats, carbon fiber trim and metallic trim pieces, and a digital instrument panel as claimed by Mahindra. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest in communication and wireless connectivity features.

At the heart of the XUV Aero is a turbocharged mHawk engine that doles out 210 PS. With it, Mahindra claimed it can go from 0 – 97 km/h in just 6 seconds. Its transmission however was not specified.

Aside from the turbocharged motor, the XUV Aero also benefits from an adjustable drive and suspension system. It has three modes: Race, Off-Road, Street and Sport. Mahindra stated that this will allow the XUV Aero to deliver ‘sheer driving pleasure’. We're not quite sure what BMW will have to say about their "new" tagline.