The DeLorean DMC-12 is one of the most famous movie cars of all time thanks to its starring role in Back to the Future. Despite having movie stardom as Doc Brown's time machine, John DeLorean's company didn't become successful. Rather, the automaker became bankrupt in a few years and was dissolved in the mid-1980s. As a result, the only way to buy one today is from the second-hand market, but soon you might be able to buy a brand new unit without having to go back in time soon.

DeLorean Motor Company, the new company that owns the DeLorean brand today, announced its plans to produce “new” DMC-12s once more. In fact, you can even pre-order one from their website today. If you're wondering why we said “new”, that's because the cars will be built from a mix of new old stock (NOS) and brand new parts.

According to Hagerty, who spoke with James Espey, vice president of DeLorean Motor Company, the bodies will conform to the design of the original model from the 80s. However, it will get also some new bits and pieces such as modern headlights, upgraded interior, and a new engine.

There's no official word on when production will start just yet. At the same time, the company has not given an official price for a brand new DMC-12 either. At the moment, DeLorean Motor Company does have some legal issues to contend with before they can start building new DMC-12 models and selling them.

Specifically, there are no regulations just yet about the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015 in the US. The act will supposedly allow small companies like DeLorean to build 325 cars per year that do not have to conform with modern US safety regulations. Thankfully, the Speciality Equipment Market Association, or SEMA, is already kicking things into gear.

It might take a while, but if you want to own a new DeLorean, here's your chance.

Source: Hagerty