With most global manufacturers already switching to electrification, it's no surprise then that up and coming supercar companies are also focused on producing high performance electric vehicles. The latest to join the EV hypercar craze is Dendrobium Automotive Limited. The UK-based automaker recently introduced the D-1 at the 2018 Salon Privé in England.

The Dendrobium D-1 is a 1,800 horsepower all-electric hypercar

The D-1 is a pure electric hypercar built almost entirely out of carbon fiber. Combined with other strong, lightweight composites and alloys, the D-1 only weighs in at 1,750kg which Dendrobium says will 'represent the true feel of a supercar'. The lightweight construction is based on a 'Protocell' carbon tub which has been engineered to be adapted on future Dendrobium e-performance vehicles.


Powering the D-1 is Dendrobium's in-house developed all-electric powertrain. The company states that it will be using solid state batteries in future once the technologyis reliable and is also 'financially viable' in order to give the D-1 best performance and range possible. That said, it is likely, Dendrobium's electric hypercar will first be using lithium-ion batteries.

The Dendrobium D-1 is a 1,800 horsepower all-electric hypercar

Power goals are expected to be at 1,800 horsepower. Combined with the weight, it will give the D-1 a 1:1 power to weight ratio. For the time being, Dendrobium has yet to reveal details regarding its powertrain. They did mention however that full details will be confirmed over the coming months.

“After an extensive career in the supercar industry, I can honestly say that Dendrobium Automotive is one of the most exciting and future-focused businesses I've ever been involved with. Using the very latest technology, we are developing what will be the most impressive all-electric hypercar,” said Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Chairman and CEO of Dendrobium Automotive.

The Dendrobium D-1 is a 1,800 horsepower all-electric hypercar

The design of the D-1 was originally penned by Singapore designer Ban Yinh Jheow back in the 1990s. It is currently being engineered together with Williams Advanced Engineering. For the time being, the D-1 seen here is merely a concept vehicle. There is still no word as to when production will begin.