Following news of Phoenix Petroleum’s Dennis Uy commiting to a partnership with their group, it looks like Autostrada welcomes this development with the addition of another vehicle to their lineup. To commemorate their strategic alliance, Ferrari coincided the launch of the Portofino on our local shores. Held yesterday at The Cove in Okada, we were able to take a closer look at Ferrari’s latest grand tourer.

Dennis Uy welcomes Ferrari Portofino to Manila

If you’ll recall, the Portofino was launched late last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Finally having made its way to the Philippines, this new Grand Tourer from the Prancing Horse acts as the direct successor to the California T. Being the only front-engined folding hardtop in Ferrari’s lineup that’s already safe to say – if their similar font style hasn’t been enough of a giveaway already. Much unlike most of their lineup which focuses on raw, unadulterated performance, the Portofino is geared towards overall versatility and comfort for long-distance driving.


Dennis Uy welcomes Ferrari Portofino to Manila

To emulate a similar vibe to the California, the Portofino was then named after one of the most attractive towns located in Riviera in the Liguria Region. Lush, laid-back and with beautiful scenery, the Ferrari Portofino was created with such backgrounds in mind. Of course, the Prancing Horse badge has to be earned with copious amounts of performance – the Portofino then being no slouch. 600PS and 760Nm of torque stand at the ready from its highly revised 3.8L Twin Turbo V8, a touch over 40PS more than the California T it replaces.

Following its stunning reveal, perhaps the next we’ll see of the Portofino will be out in the wild around BGC on sundays.