Urges DOTC to implement it by mid-2015

Due to the deteriorating quality of air caused in part by tailpipe emissions, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has proposed that Euro-4 emission and fuel standards be implemented six months ahead of schedule to June 2015.

The Philippines is currently operating on Euro-2 standards and as the numbers on our air pollution index indicate, the air quality in the metro is not getting any better. 

Euro-4 fuel has a sulfur content of 50 parts per million (PPM) while Euro-2 has 500PPM, which has contributed to the rise in respiratory diseases and other related ailments.

“Clearly, the key to improving Metro Manila’s air quality is by addressing the biggest source of pollution, which is motor vehicles.  We are therefore proposing an early implementation of the Euro 4 standards for automobile fuels and the scrapping of older high polluting vehicles,” said DENR Secretary Ramon Paje Jr.

The agency expects the automotive industry to cope with the earlier implementation easily since new models are already Euro-4 compliant and older vehicles can be modified to accept Euro-4 fuels.  DENR has also indicated that certain fuel companies already offer Euro-4 compliant products.

In lieu of this development, the DENR is requesting the Department of Transportation and Communications to phase out vehicles 15 years old or at least prevent them from using major roads that are prone to traffic because the idle time causes these vehicles to emit more toxic substances in the air.