Global automotive supplier Denso Corporation has developed a new diesel common rail (DCR) fuel injection system that features the world's highest injection pressure of 2,500 bar. When compared to Denso's previous generation CDR system, the new system can help increase fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent and reduce the particulate matter and nitrogen oxides expelled by 50 percent and 8 percent respectively.

The new DCR units from Denso features improved design structure to decrease the workload of the fuel pumps by reducing the amount of fuel that is being sent back from the fuel tank by 90 percent. The redesigned components also generates higher fuel injection pressure that allows the fuel to atomize into finer droplets that yields to improved efficiency in fuel ignition and combustion.

“Our new diesel common rail system will help increase fuel efficiency and meet exhaust emissions standards that are becoming increasingly stringent around the world, particularly in Europe, Japan and the United States,” said Yukihiro Shinohara, executive director responsible for Denso's Diesel Engine Business Unit.

Currently, Denso is developing a 3,000 bar diesel common rail system to further improve the performance of diesel-powered vehicles and reduce its impact on the environment at the same time.

The new Denso DCR system will be launched to the market later this year and can be used on passenger, commercial, agricultural, and construction vehicles worldwide.