Denso and Toshiba recently announced that they have begun talks to enhance collaboration in different fields. The fields included in their talks involved, Internet of Things (IoT)-based manufacturing, advanced driver assistance, and automated driving among others.

The collaboration is aimed to keep pace with the way the automotive industry has been progressing, as to not get left behind. With Denso having a high level of manufacturing capability and experience in the automotive market combined with Toshiba's latest technologies, the two companies collaborating could possibly keep the two competitive in the ever fast-evolving automotive industry.

Their collaboration has already began in the fields of driver assistance and automated driving, where in the two companies have developed AI technologies which will be used in their image recognition system. Furthermore, the two are also working on lithium-ion batteries packs, which are used by hybrid vehicles, and ECUs used in automotive components.

Apart from these, the two will further collaborate in other fields where they share similar visions to speed up the development of technology. Given the specialties that both Denso and Toshiba have, we will just have to wait and see what new technology they will come up with, and whether they will find their way into future vehicles.