The Department of Transportation (DOT) continues to make massive changes in the transportation sector in order to make a positive effect on the mobility and Filipino commuters and motorists.

DOT Secretary Arthur Tugade met with business leaders on Tuesday night to announce several key changes made by the agency to fix the current traffic and transport problems of Metro Manila including practical solutions to train operations.

To continue the strict implementation of policies like no-parking, anti-colorum, anti-smoke belching and various other rules and regulations to improve traffic flow, the DOT has formed a traffic management team.

As an alternative to taking public utility buses (PUBs), the DOT will also increase the number of MRT-3 trains from 16-trains with 48 cars to 20 trains with 60 cars while also raising its maximum speed limit to 50 kph from 40 kph and operational hours.

The DOT will also seriously study the feasibility of using a rapid bus transit, cable cars, double-decker buses and even adding P2P bus services in order to reach residential areas.

Transport Secretary Tugade also warned transport agency heads that they will be dismissed from service should they be caught accepting bribes from businessmen and to also expose these corrupt personalities to discourage any future attempts.