The Land Rover Defender may not have been a candidate for the 2021 World Car of the Year, but it still managed to win a different category from the annual World Car Awards. That award is none other than the 2021 World Car Design of the Year. The boxy British SUV managed to beat the Honda e and the Mazda CX-30 for the title.

It’s not the first time Land Rover bagged the World Car Design of the Year award either. The automaker first claimed the prize back in 2012 with the Range Rover Evoque, followed by the Range Rover Velar in 2018. Considering how stylish their models have been these past few years, it’s easy to see how they managed to win once again.

Land Rover Defender is more stylish than Honda e, Mazda CX-30 image

Some might not agree with the design of the new Defender, especially purists and die-hard fans of the original model. But, it did remain faithful to the original Defender’s rugged boxy design. According to Land Rover, the Defender’s unique silhouette makes it easily recognizable wherever you go. More importantly, it can still go off the beaten path and return without issue, just like the original did. This time around, there are a lot more creature comforts, technology, and safety features. There are also more engine options, including a plug-in hybrid unit.

“New Defender is influenced by its past but is not constrained by it and we are delighted it has been honored with this award. Our vision was to create a 21st-century Defender by pushing the boundaries of engineering, technology, and design while retaining its renowned DNA and off-road capability. The result is a compelling 4x4 that resonates with customers on an emotional level,” said Prof. Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer at Jaguar Land Rover.

With this award, it should end the design debate regarding the new-generation Defender.