While Nissan Philippines experienced one of their strongest years last 2018 with a 40% sales growth, the same can’t be said for the Japanese automaker with regard to their global operations. In the calendar year 2018, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. experienced a 2.8% decline in sales having only sold 5,653,683 units compared to 2017’s 5,816,191 units. At the same time, production also declined by 4.9% with only 5,486,906 vehicles produced globally in 2018 compared to the 5,769,277 units built in 2017. 

Despite the overall drop in global sales, Nissan seems to be doing well in their home country. In Japan, Nissan sales continued to rise for its second consecutive year as the automaker managed to sell a total of 615,996 vehicles (including kei-cars) in 2018, having a sales growth of 4.2% over the previous year’s 590,905 vehicles.

As for sales outside Japan, the number of vehicles sold dropped by 3.6% to only 5,037,717 in comparison to the previous year’s 5,225,286 vehicles sold. The regions which experienced the biggest decrease in sales can be seen in Mexico and Europe, dropping by 14.3% and 12.0%, respectively. However, sales in China, Canada, and other regions continued to rise in 2018.

Even with continuously strong sales in Japan, the company experienced an 8.7% drop in vehicles production at their Japan plants with only 930,997 units built compared to 2017’s 1,019,972. Outside of Japan, production of vehicles dropped by 4.1% with only 4,555,909 units built in 2018. The largest drop in production can be seen in the US and the UK, having dropped by 10.2% and 10.7%, respectively.

Hopefully Nissan is able to bounce back stronger in 2019 with some changes made to corporate governance, following the issues regarding misconduct by some of their now-former directors.