It looks like someone at Ford just spilled the beans about an an all-new Raptor model.

No, it's not the F-150 as the next-generation model has already been sighted several times in prototype form. The latest Raptor Ford is working will apparently come in the form of the all-new Bronco.

Apparently, a Ford engineer that specializes in electronics recently updated his Linkedin profile. A 28-year veteran with the Blue Oval, the employee currently serves as an Electrical Distribution System (EDS) engineer and has designed schematics for such models like the Expedition, Fusion, Mondeo, and as well as the Lincoln Navigator and MKZ nameplates.

Now, the EDS engineer posted on his profile that he is currently busy designing schematics for the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor. With it, the engineer has essentially confirmed that Ford is indeed working on a more powerful version of the revived Bronco.

Did a Ford engineer accidentally confirm the 2023 Bronco Raptor? image

The 'accidental leak' was first spotted by the guys over at Bronco6G, a forum site dedicated to the all-new Ford Bronco. They were able to take screenshots of the engineer's profile at Linkedin showing the 'Bronco Raptor' present on his personal account. For the sake of privacy, however, they did blur out the engineer's name and profile picture. After some digging, we managed to find the exact profile, only this time the Bronco Raptor is nowhere to be found.

It looks like the engineer caught wind of his accidental leak, and decided to remove any mention of the Bronco (and Bronco Raptor for that matter) from his Linkedin profile. But was this leak purely accidental, or was it done to stir up some buzz about the rumored Bronco Raptor?

Did a Ford engineer accidentally confirm the 2023 Bronco Raptor? image

Back in February, Ford posted a job listing at Linkedin wherein they were looking for applicants that are interested in joining the Wind/Road Noise and Air Leakage Plant Vehicle Team. There, applicants can become part of a team that is currently working on the current-gen Mustang (S550), as well as be the final sign off on the next-gen Mustang codenamed S650. With it, Ford has accidentally confirmed that they are already working on the all-new Mustang due to be launched in late 2022.

Could the accidental leak of the Bronco Raptor via Linkedin be a similar case? Perhaps, but with the engineer updating his profile and removing it entirely could mean that it was entirely unintended.

We're wondering though if he will still have a job at Ford given that he just made a big screw up about a supposed upcoming Raptor model. With three more years to go before the supposed Bronco Raptor is revealed, maybe he can make it up by putting in the hours.