The X2 is the smallest coupe-crossover in the BMW stable. Aimed at well-heeled cosmopolitan millennials, the compact crossover features a funky design with vibrant color options to go along with it. It's even available with an M Sport package for those who want to make their small crossover look a little bit more athletic.

But the folks at BMW want to inject a little more zing in the small coupe-crossover, so they added a lot of meshes and stripes to make it look sportier.

Imaginatively called the X2 M Mesh edition, it's one level higher than the standard M Sport edition. That said, the color scheme does remind of a pair of light gray and orange Adidas Ultraboost sneakers. Well, Adidas is German, after all.

2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition: Inspired by Adidas? image

So what makes the X2 M Mesh stand out? Aside from the color scheme, the kidney grille has a different pattern. Instead of slats, the M Mesh edition has, well, meshes. You'd think that it wouldn't make much of a difference, but that seemingly minor change did a lot for the X2. Whether you like it or not is up to you, just like the big nose of the 4 Series.

2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition: Inspired by Adidas? image

The wheels are worth a mention too. They're unique to this variant and it has three color tones to make it stand out even more. Again, there are colored highlights and measures in at a massive 20-inches. Other M Mesh exclusives are the Frozen Black highlights and the Brooklyn Gray color option. If you think it looks too much like training shoes, in white, blue, and orange.

2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition: Inspired by Adidas? image

Even if there is an M tag on the name, this X2 is not a high-performance model. There are three turbodiesel options, two turbo-gas engines, and even a plug-in hybrid. All-wheel-drive is optional, with front-wheel-drive being the standard offering.

BMW didn't say if the M Mesh edition will be sold outside Europe. Perhaps BMW Philippines can bring a few units in with the light gray and orange scheme. If they do, you'll soon have a posh small crossover that goes well with your Ultraboosts.

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