Chevrolet may have provided an early glimpse of the all-new Camaro as the company recently released a video that commemorates the 500,000 unit milestone of the current Camaro.

This supposedly all-new Camaro is heavily camouflaged but it does show what looks to be a restyled front end while the rear gets a revised taillight design and a fixed wing.

Rear end design of the Chevrolet Camaro

The fifth-generation Camaro was originally released back in August 2009 and is now on its final year of production. From August to December of 2009, Chevrolet was able to sell 61,648 units of the nameplate while 2010 saw a sales figure of 81,299 units. The highest number of Camaro sales happened in 2011 as 88,249 units of the Camaro were sold.