Land Rover fans rejoice! It looks like the Defender nameplate could live on for an all-new generation. 

Land Rover somewhat confirmed this after posting a teaser image of what appears to be the next-generation Defender rolling out of a trailer. Still draped in camouflage, we only get to see a good portion of the upcoming 4x4.

Posted with the caption ‘Do not unwrap until 2019’, it seems like there isn't much to go before Land Rover officially unveils the new 4x4. But looking closely at the image provided, it looks like Land Rover kept the boxy design of the original Defender.

Despite its boxy appearance, the new Defender does appear to have a slightly more rakish windshield to help improve its aerodynamics. Also seen are bigger wheels and tires, larger disc brakes, and a rear-mounted spare tire carrier.

Supposedly, it will still be available in either 90 and 110 series models (Land Rover-speak for the three-door and five-door variants). In addition, the new 4x4 will apparently ditch the tried-and-tested leaf spring suspension for a more modern independent system. While this will most likely not sit well with Defender purists, it could mean that the new Defender will have a better ride quality than its predecessors. 

No exact engine choices have been announced yet for the new Defender. However, there have been rumors going around that it will be available with a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine. Furthermore, a hybrid variant is also in the pipeline since Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) plans on fully electrifying their model lineup in the not so distant future. This could allow Land Rover to market the new Defender in countries with strict emission laws.