Mention the world 'Longtail' (LT) to any auto enthusiast and most will immediately think of a hardcore, more powerful McLaren. First used on the McLaren F1 GTR LT, it was revived in 2015 for the 675 LT, 675 LT Spider and the 600 LT. Built and designed to be faster, lighter, and more aerodynamic than factory stock, the LT name is synonymous of delivering high-performance in limited quantities.

Now, a new Longtail is about to be unleashed and is set to raise the bar even further. However, McLaren is still tight-lipped as to what the fifth LT will be.

Looking at the teaser video, the new Longtail will supposedly be based off of a 600 LT which was already released back in July 2018. Could this mean that McLaren will release an even more powerful 600LT soon?

Not exactly. But our best guess is that the new 600 LT will be the drop-top Spider version. Given that the 675 LT spawned a drop-top variant (dubbed the 675 LT Spider), we won't be surprised if McLaren does the same for the 600 LT.

And with that, expect the 600 LT Spider to come with either a folding soft-top or a retractable metal roof. In terms of power, it's highly likely that the Spider will also come with the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that churns out 600 PS and 620 Nm of torque.

Did McLaren just teased the all-new 600 LT Spider?

Other upgrades that are expected to make their way in the upcoming convertible include: additional carbon fiber for reduced weight and a revised aerokit for better airflow and downforce.

McLaren will officially reveal the latest member of the Longtail family next week on January 16, 2019.